Where do we go from here?

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

When mobile gaming first hit our cell phones (can we still call them cell phones?) no one would have guessed the digital gold rush that was to follow. Initially we were satisfied with poorly ported Tetris clones and snake. (Nokia users unite!) Oh how times have changed, not only in mobile gaming but the way they are marketed. So the question must be asked, where do we go from here? We’ll let the game developers figure that out while we help shape the marketing required for a new era. Just recently the humble bundle team released their second mobile bundle featuring some awesome mobile games. Take a look!



Right away we noticed two things. 1) This is great marketing and 2) every game had a featured trailer. The humble team did a great job combining gameplay footage but what if the potential buyers could demo a portion of the game without a demo? What … you ask, how … you ask! Through the power of video! Many of us have seen choose your own adventure videos on YouTube so you may know where we are going with this. Why not apply this to gaming? There is no reason not to try so we grabbed a game from the humble bundled and went for it.

(A2) Skip to 1:min mark for choices.

This is obviously a very quick test but you get the idea. The great news is online video services are constantly evolving and there are already platforms that streamline the “choose your own adventure” video. We think it is only a matter of time before we find game trailers and choose your own adventure videos colliding on a frequent basis. What you think?

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