Looking for Viral Results? Try Video Marketing With Vine and Instagram

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

Imagine this scenario:

Your marketing team gathers for repeated, late-into-the-night meetings to strategically plan the next video marketing campaign. The buzz around Vine and Instagram’s viral potential drives your team to include a few existing videos onto the social media platforms. The results? The videos fall flat, and getting little coveted buzz, offer a low return on investment.

Now, consider the alternative:

Your marketing team spends those late-night meetings strategizing how to effectively market videos on Vine and Instagram. Within a few days of launching, the video marketing campaign is off and running, getting industry-worthy buzz and driving ROI.

Which kind of result does your business want?

Making a plan

Not one business would confess to wanting to fail at video marketing. But if you proceed with a video marketing campaign on the popular Vine or Instagram platforms without a strategic plan for success, you could compromise the campaign’s success before it even starts.

Social video marketing

Video marketing that targets social media users on Vine and Instagram

Here are some expert tips for using Vine and Instagram to successfully market your business videos.

Vine rules for success


Vine videos are limited to 6 seconds, helping marketers reach consumers with brief content. However,  the platform doesn’t allow users to edit, so getting the right “take” can prove difficult. The use of the app’s filter gives some functionality and diversity to the look of the video, however.


The Vine community is a user-driven one, with communication between the audience and brands critical. Marketing plans that capitalize on these qualities will succeed:

  • Promote community first. Create an atmosphere that attracts and engages your desired audience, and then work on participation through call to actions.
  • Get creative. The short length of these videos may seem daunting at first, but don’t let the limits restrict creativity. Use it instead to enhance creativity, and quickly get your message across with images that count.
  • Keep them coming back. Videos on Vine should engage audiences so well that they look to your brand for more humor, how-to advice, product information, etc.

Instagram tips to live by


On Instagram, marketers can shoot longer videos, up to 15 seconds, and the app also allows users to edit clips, too; however, only the last clip in a series can be deleted. Instagram doesn’t offer the use of filters, but the app does feature a stabilization component that creates higher-quality videos.


Brands are using Instagram to accumulate lots of user-generated content, and the app is useful for conducting contests and helping brands make their content searchable. Develop a campaign based on these tips:

  • Use your profile to your advantage. Fill out all of the required information to give video audiences a true sense of your brand. Take advantage of the opportunity to link back to the company website and social media pages in the profile settings, too.
  • Engage. Instagram allows comments and likes. As your audience engages with videos, “talk” back and interact with users who respond.
  • Turn to hashtag-optimized posts. The only way for users to “find” content is to search via hashtags. If you fail to optimize videos with hashtags, these videos will languish in the Instagram outer space.

Choosing a platform

While Search Engine Journal deems Instagram the better platform for brands, noting that twice the number of top 100 brands use Instagram for video marketing, other experts advise choosing a video platform based on marketing goals.

For instance, VentureBeat recommends using Vine for new product releases and how-to’s, and Instagram for promotional campaigns and commercial-type videos.

Don’t let your business fall into the first scenario. With a little effort and strategic planning, you can join the brands who are using Vine and Instagram for powerful video marketing that attracts and engages customers.

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