Video: The Future of Marketing for Brands

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

Video is everywhere. From the moment you open Facebook to the second you hit the search button on Google, videos are displayed before your very eyes. If the present is indicative of what the future will bring, videos are to dominate online advertising and marketing even more.


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The Sign of Three

No, we’re not referring to the BBC Sherlock episode but to the three signs of how video is dominating the future of brands.

1. Increased Internet traffic because of videos


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Online Video Viewership is on the rise. According to Cisco network technology experts back in 2010, there would be a spike in internet traffic which will continue to rise in the coming years. They predicted that one of the main reasons to this would be online videos and realized by the year 2014. These experts were only wrong about one thing – their predictions and estimates were realized a year earlier. According to their tests and surveys, they claimed that global IP traffic increased by four times with online video as the biggest contributing factor. They also saw an increase by 7 times in internet video traffic.

Another study which was performed by ComScore shows how the average viewer is watching 22 hours of video in a month back in 2012. From that same study, online viewers tend to watch short-form videos which are only a few minutes long. With this kind of user behavior, quick videos are predicted to dominate the kind of videos created in the future to engage, excite or inspire the audience.

2. Brands prefer video content on social media channels


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Traditional and direct consumer advertising still have a presence in the marketing world but when it comes to social media, brands are becoming more inclined to original video content to engage the fans. Marketers are in agreement according to a 2013 survey by Unisphere Research, an independent editorial content and peer-based market research to targeted IT communities. 60% of the surveyed marketers expressed their desire to increase video content in social networks over other content category (text, image, etc.).


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Even Facebook is expecting the paradigm shift of advertising leaning towards videos. A leaked plan by Facebook confirms how this social networking giant will go after the rising spend on online advertising through Facebook video ads. Yes, you read right. Facebook want companies to spend their advertising dollars in Facebook video ads to reach and target a bigger and specific audience.

3. Growth of online avenues for video distribution

With YouTube as the 2nd largest search engine next to Google, video content is dominating the market. Some YouTube videos garner millions views in a matter of weeks and some even days. Companies and personalities achieve virality through unique messages and presentations having viewers respond more positively to their brand. Such is the power of video as plenty of other places are being created to showcase them.


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There’s Vimeo for the artistic videographers which make it a great platform for wedding videographers and aspiring directors since it has a stronger focus on longer videos like shorts. Following suit to Instagram’s redesign to accommodate videos, Pinterest has now added their own video feature gives curators great opportunities to pin videos to their boards. Video sharing platforms are readily available and accessible to its online users.

Online video makes all the difference when marketing your business, product or service and with the “Sign of Three”, it’s not going anywhere. The future of video marketing is brighter than ever so start creating your video strategies now!

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