Proven Evidence That Video Marketing Is the Way to Go

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

Are you constantly trying to prove your video marketing plan’s value to the higher-ups in your organization? Sometimes, decision makers can have a hard time devoting valuable resources and money to what’s trending in marketing, thinking it won’t last. However, video marketing is far from a passing trend: It’s a recognized, proven, growing lead-generating method that also attracts and engages consumers.

If you need to re-prove your company’s video marketing plan, use this evidence to support it:

Consumers are demanding video—time and again. Millions of people are watching videos on a number of sites. YouTube is the go-to video content platform. In October of 2013 alone, 165 million people watched a video on the Google-owned site. Facebook came in second, with about 70.1 viewers watching videos on the social media platform.

YouTube video marketing

YouTube the largest video storehouse.

The takeaway. If your marketing plan includes hosting videos on YouTube or Facebook, you’re in good shape. There’s some evidence that Google-owned sites are best for video, as they have proven to increase engagement more so than any other platform.

Consumers are watching a lot of video—for business and pleasure—and they’re not letting up. In fact, in October, 2013, more than 87 percent of Americans watched video content (or 189 million people). There are very few Americans not watching online video—just under 13 percent. Further, Americans are watching more videos per month than they used to, up to 22.1 hours from 21 hours.

The takeaway. If your marketing plan doesn’t include video in some shape or form, or at least plan to incorporate video marketing as a component of your business’ campaign, you’re behind the eight ball.

Online ads continue to perform well. Video ad viewing has increased by 10 percent, reaching 24. 5 billion views in October, 2013, a dramatic increase from the previous ranking of 22.9 billion views in September, 2013. This next comparison should thoroughly seal the deal, as it poses a stark year-to-year contrast. About a year ago, video ad views reached 10.9 billion, meaning video ad viewing has beyond doubled (to 24.5 billion), while video content viewing has grown by about one-third.

The takeaway. Your business marketing plan should include video content that educates and informs, but don’t neglect video ads as a way to increase traffic and revenue.

These numbers should more than impress the HiPPOs (highest paid person’s opinion) in your company. Give the highest paid person—or the manager in charge of the marketing budget—undeniable reasons to continue providing the necessary fuel to power your marketing goals via videos.



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