Video Marketing Case Studies That Will Convince the Harshest Critics

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

There’s no doubt, marketing professionals work hard, day in and day out. You not only have to keep up with ever-changing industry trends, but you need to know how to put various tools like social media, blogging and video into a strategic campaign. Oh, and then, show results, too.

If you’re having trouble getting the higher-ups in your company to commit to video marketing, prove its worth with video marketing case studies.

Sure, you can use the statistics that established organizations release about the effectiveness of using video in a marketing campaign. But looking at case studies offers your marketing team—and managers and executives that need convincing—a unique, close-up look at business videos that work.

Here are some interesting, effective business videos that have helped companies drive ROI.


Showing that tried-and-true methods work, Blendtec’s product video campaign that began in 2006 helps consumers get answers to one of life’s critical questions:“Will it Blend?” Using humor and sometimes ludicrous non-food items, along with videos that feature a variety of foods, to show that the quality, powerful product works—no matter what.

Interestingly, Ad Age named this product video series the best viral marketing campaign of all time. As evidence, it scored 6 million views within the first six days of posting on YouTube.

Dollar Shave Club

The campaign by Dollar Shave Club (DSC) successfully targeted the coveted young, professional male consumer group with it’s “Our Blades are F**cking Great” product videos.  By creating a narrative that hits their most pressing needs in a direct, provocative way, DSC creatively shows how well their blades work at getting a close, smooth shave, scoring nearly 12 million views to date.


When Outlook launched its upgraded email tool in 2012, the company turned to video to show consumers how one feature would transform lives, although the upgrade included multiple new features. By addressing a problem that’s nearly universal for consumers—the perpetually out-of-control inbox—Outlook utilized a single narrative in the video to engage consumers with a definitive solution to the problem. The product video also showcases how using the product gives people more free time.

Using the evidence

These case studies show that the best business videos use a strong narrative voice, portraying not only just the features a product employs, but going further, showing consumers exactly how the products will benefit their lives.

With the power of this visual medium behind the message, businesses can engage consumers in just a few seconds, or minutes, and very few words. With the evidence that case studies offer, you’ve got a powerful ally on your side that will help you convince company executives to get on board, and expand your marketing budget, too.


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