The Importance of Testing Your Video by Using A/B Testing

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

Fact: Videos send brand messages more clearly and faster than text-based content.



Online marketers have turned to devising video marketing strategies to promote businesses and convert traffic into leads. In order to successfully harness the power of video marketing, online marketers turn to video testing even before launching an all-out campaign. First, let’s address this question…

…why are videos important to the success of businesses?

According to Media Post, a leading online resource for the media and marketing industry, 57% of consumers rely on product videos. Online video ad spend rose to about 42% (USD4.12 billion) in 2013. Marketers were surveyed in which 93% of them used videos as a part of their online marketing. While Invodo, an e-commerce services company, assessed more than a thousand customers regarding their online buying habits and it turns out that a statistic of 1 in 3 consumers watched a product video every time they see it. Another interesting figure from Invodo’s study is how many retailers shifted to offering product videos in which about 70% of online businesses in 2012 used videos compared to 2011’s lesser 59%.



With videos, companies no longer need to do the extra legwork of promotion since videos can be easily shared to social media channels and can go viral provided they’re unique and engaging to be worthy of a consumer’s share.





Companies like Target, Amazon, Nike, Virgin America and Burberry are using videos to promote and sell their products and/or services. With hundreds and thousands of online videos vying for your attention, these companies use A/B testing to ensure the success rate of their videos before they even release it for public viewing. A/B testing is extremely important in optimizing video campaigns but…

what is it and how is A/B testing applied to video campaigns?

AB testing


A/B testing, also referred to Split testing, is a controlled experiment of testing two versions of videos viewed by a split audience to identify which variant achieves expected or better results (depending on the marketing or sales goal).



In A/B testing videos, marketers would 1) split up your audience by segmenting them by interest, demographics and so on, 2) create version A (control) and version B (test group) of a video having a different message for each segment of audience, 3) run  the video in its assigned segment to establish which test group responded better by checking  conversion, traffic or other KPIs, and 4) track and compare results to determine which has been the more successful video. You must be wondering…

…how does A/B video testing benefit e-commerce and product sites?

A/B tested videos result to a greater impact on customer behavior and increases video views and conversion rates. Without testing them, poorly made videos can drive potential customers away from you and negatively affect your e-commerce site.



Sites like did a simple split test on a promise video of using either the “Watch Video Preview” button or “Watch my #1 Abs Exercise video” button on their sales page.  The “Watch Video Preview” button was the best performing variation and resulted to an increased conversion of 14.18%. Can you imagine if they had used the other button without testing it against the former, the site would’ve made even less sales? Are the videos you’ve created better with or without voice over, smaller or bigger video thumbnail previews, and with a lower or higher quality (if it affects load time and page abandonment rates)? All these concerns will be answered through A/B testing.

Here are other examples of online retailers that tried and tested their videos and ended up with improved conversion rates.

  • Ariat declared a 160% conversion rate for pages with videos viewed compared to pages without views.



  • Zappos used product videos in their website and sales of the products with the demos increased between 6% and 30%.



  • Stacks and Stacks claimed shoppers were 144% more likely to buy as opposed to those who didn’t watch a product video.



In conclusion, is A/B testing videos really important?

Yes! And all the facts and tests conducted by various sites support how online videos can better engage and convert more visiting prospects. A/B testing is a powerful optimization method to help you get the most out of your video strategy and ultimately your business.

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