Business Video Quality Counts–For a Lot

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

Right now, business video is where it’s at. But if the higher ups in your company don’t back up their intent to market products and services where consumers are spending their time with money, your marketing department may be tempted to fall prey to the allure of do-it-yourself video.

Don’t be fooled, however: User-generated videos (UGV) don’t hold a candle to quality business videos.

Consumers speak out

Think about it from a consumer’s perspective.

The first “meeting” a consumer has with your business video should be a positive one. Imagine the perception that a low-quality product demo gets, for example. Compared to your competitor’s business videos on their YouTube channel, when all else is equal, the quality of video becomes a deciding factor. The customer may end up choosing your competitor over something as insignificant as a low-quality testimonial or product video, or ad.


Or is it insignificant?

Quality, it turns out, is more than significant in terms of the products or services your business offers, and the same holds true for business videos. Research supports this idea.

Marketing experts and business executives alike report that low-quality video reflects poorly on their brands, and gives consumers a bad impression. It makes businesses look like amateurs who are unqualified to do the job—provide a service or product that consumers need. They’ll simply turn to the next business for solutions.

What NOT to do

Some of the elements that contribute to a poor-quality video—and reflect poorly on your business—include:

  • Poor lighting. If consumer can’t see your coveted product or promoter, they’ll tune out.
  • Poor sound. While the visuals in the video are critical, so is sound. How can you convey your brand’s message if consumers can’t hear every word?
  • Jostled movements. With an amateur camera operator working the video, panning the product or a panoramic scene with an unstable hand makes the video hard to watch. Again, consumers won’t have the patience for it.

Escaping a bad or poorly produced video is as easy as clicking the mouse or touching the screen.

One more thing

Quality counts when it comes to video length, too. In most cases, shorter videos will win your audience’s attention, and spur them on to make a purchase. Research supports this idea, too.

MarketingCharts released a report in October 2013 noting Vine as the fastest-growing app of the year. Vine, which features short 6-second videos, surpassed Flickr, WhatsApp and Instagram, another picture and video giant that’s making waves with its 15 second video feature.

The deciding factor

Not yet convinced that it pays to pay for quality business video? According to comScore, videos produced by professionals score 30 percent higher in terms of performance than user-generated (or lower-quality) videos.

With so much evidence stacking up for quality business videos, you can no longer make the argument that UGV works. In the long run, it doesn’t save you much money at all if a poor-quality compromises lead generation and conversions. Does it?

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