5 Video Marketing Mistakes Your Business Should Never Make

: Marketing By: Digitalmunch Team

A video marketing campaign—done right—is a powerful tool small businesses can use to compete with the big guns in an industry. A highly effective component of a digital marketing plan, video attracts and engages an audience like almost no other. However, when businesses don’t give the campaign the oomph it needs (Read: budget, resources and time), producing low-quality videos, they can actually produce the opposite effect: driving customers away and driving brand quality down.

social video

Videos extend your business’ reach.

If your marketing department is a newbie to video marketing, use this checklist of mistakes to avoid at all costs, and get your campaign off on the right foot.

#5 — Forgetting to power your videos with a purpose

Generating videos just for the sake of having a video presence is a surefire way for your marketing campaign to spiral downward.

The solution: Before moving forward, establish a purpose and a plan for the video or video series. Will it support another campaign? Should it attract new consumers or engage existing ones?

#4 — Failing to use branding

If you produce a humorous, witty video that goes viral, but viewers can’t recall the business at the heart of the video, you’ve failed.

The solution: Make sure your brand is well represented in the video, with the business’ logo, color scheme, website address and so forth featured prominently.

#3 — Trying to accomplish too much

In general, long videos don’t capture viewers’ attention. After just 30 or 60 seconds, viewers tend to close the video. Therefore, length of the video factors heavily into its success.

The solution: Force your team to create an innovative message that’s less than 1 minute. Some video platforms like Vine and Instagram limit videos to 6 and 15 seconds, respectively.

#2 — Forgetting a call to action

As a marketing tool, videos are no different than blogs, landing pages or social media posts in terms of calls to action. Not including one in a video is an epic fail, and your business will lose out on a key opportunity to prompt viewers to click through, comment or retweet the video.

The solution: Always include a call to action that prompts viewers to do one particular thing after viewing the video.

Video seo

Video SEO drives search results.

#1 Thinking SEO doesn’t apply to video

Just like a call to action, SEO is just as important to video marketing as it is to any other form of digital marketing. Without SEO, your video will probably languish in Google search heaven, and consumers won’t find it.

The solution: Learn and follow effective video SEO, such as uploading the video to your YouTube channel, embedding the video on a landing page, and creating a video sitemap.

With the right foundations powering the engine that is video marketing, the dollars you invest in a video campaign will drive the right results: Increased traffic, higher engagement, and more revenue.



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